Knowing the right tricks to become a pro in poker

Poker! Already fun to hear? 

But if you don’t know the right tricks there may be trouble in playing this game. No doubt in playing Poker you need a stroke of good luck but it’s equally important to have great skills to win. And how can we forget every player is nothing but master of his/her fortune. 

How do you play poker? This is a common question in the minds of many people. So let us begin to know some of the things that can help you. 

The Pack

In this, a pack of 52-cards is used. It is a one-pack game but today two packs of contrasting colors are also used in some of the clubs or among the best player.

The card values

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Once if you understand the poker hand values then it will be not that difficult for you to play in any of its forms. There are 5 cards in Poker hand except for some of the versions of it. The different combinations of the Poker are as follows: 

  • Five of a kind– It is said to be the highest possible hand and it is present in the game where only a single card is wild that is the Joker or the four deuces. 
  • Straight flush– Unlike the five of a kind in this combination there is no wild card. It contains the same suit which is in sequence. 
  • Four of a kind– this hand ranks just behind the straight flush hand. For example, four 3s or 4 aces. 
  • Full house– when there are 3 cards of one particular rank or 2 cards of any of the other rank then it is said to be a full house. 
  • Three of a kind– the combination having three cards that are of the same rank or two cards but each having a different rank then it is said three of a kind. 
  • Two pairs– a pair with one rank or a pair with a different rank is included in this hand
  • One pair– only one pair is of the same rank and the other three cards have a different rank. 
  • No pair– this is a very common hand where there are no pairs or cards from a similar suit, or cards in consecutive rank. 


The key to Poker is betting. In between the course of every poker deal, there exist various betting intervals that allow the players to bet their luck on their hands. When a betting round starts one of the players is considered as the first bettor and then it moves to the left, from one player to the other, and in any betting round the players cannot check or drop, except when it is their betting turn. 

Poker is an interesting game that has many different rules to understand. You should give proper research and then with careful and mindful methods try to win in this game. Now with the availability of online poker games, there is more fun and entertainment to play from the comfort of your home. Also, there are exciting offers, easy payments, and much more in online games which makes it more interesting for the player. 

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